All of the services below are mobile ready – We can come to the tennis court of your
choosing or you can come to our tennis court.

Quickstart Tennis.

For kids under the age of 8, we also have tennis equipment that is size appropriate and portable. Our Quickstart certified coaches bring portable quickstart nets, balls and racquets that can be used on grass, clay, brick and hardcourts.


Private Lessons.

one to one private lessons are the most advantageous type of lesson for any type of player. The private lessons offer one on one guidance through the mechanics of the game from footwork & rallying to serving & ball placement.


Semi-private Lessons.

Semi-private lessons consist of around 3 – 4 participants in a single lesson. You can play with 3 to 4 of your friends or join a lesson in a court most convenient for you.


Group Lessons.

Typical group lessons are about 5-7 kids. Each lesson consists of mini games focused on learning parts of tennis in a fun environment amongst their peers.


High Performance

This training program is meant for juniors who regularly compete in tournaments with a readiness for a complete high intensity training regiment. The high performance lessons are meant for those who want to play at a professional or college level. These types of lessons are mostly teenagers aspiring to become professionals in the game of tennis or joining a college team with scholarship.